About Us

Waqf Science and Technology

Reconstruction of the human being

A charitable, developmental scientific institution established in 2020 in Istanbul – Turkey, aims to be one of the leading civil society institutions in the world that seeks to rebuild man, by providing him with science, skill and values.

The Foundation seeks to provide qualitative scientific services to support development and innovation, keep pace with modern trends, inculcate cultural values, and emphasize the acquisition of skill and quality at work. (The strong and faithful believer who strives for the best in deed).

The Foundation makes efforts to achieve local and international partnerships to achieve its goals, and cooperate with all other segments of society so that the values ​​of love, brotherhood, justice and equality prevail.

Independence Of Affiliation

We are an independent institution that does not belong to a group or belong to an association, class, grouping or entity, but rather cooperates with everyone to achieve its goals.