Take My Hand Global Initiative

Based on the saying of the beloved Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him,

لَأَنْ يَأْخُذَ أحَدُكُمْ حَبْلَه، فيَحْتَطِبَ علَى ظَهْرِه؛ خَيْرٌ له مِن أنْ يَأْتيَ رَجُلًا، فيَسْأَلَه، أعْطاهُ أوْ مَنَعَه

And in order to re Building a person before building

Take My Hand

Building a person to change his life by working different categories

Take My Hand

To support, qualify, develop and provide them




To transform them into effective productive workforce and people capable of providing for themselves and their families, and a useful productive and effective energy in society.

It is a humanitarian initiative that specializes in the Kuwaiti Ensan Society and is implemented in Turkey in cooperation with the Endowment for Science and Technology to build people and change their lives by working with 7 different groups

  1. refugees
  2. Women’s Empowerment
  3. orphans
  4. People with special needs and war casualties
  5. Jobless
  6. Young creators
  7. Troubled families

Take my hand global initiative came to be

Post the invitation
good deed
Ongoing charity
science that benefits

The problem

There are a lot of

And under the slogan

Don’t give me a fish to feed me today, but teach me how to fish to feed me every day

Take My Hand

And in order to achieve the goals of the endowment of science and technology with the Kuwaiti Ensan Association in building the human being

The Faithful Strong Believer

The Pious Worker Who Strives For The Best Work

Al-Hadi Al-Mahdi, the caller to God with his deeds and knowledge

The Message

Reconstruction Of Human

The Chaste, The Chaste, The Breadwinner For Himself And His Family

The Distinctive, Successful, Evolving And Creative Product

Ready To Keep Pace With All The Outcomes Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution, The Artificial Intelligence Revolution, And The Sixth Generation Of Communications


  1. 1. Scientific objectives
    • Bridging the digital divide.
    • Improving skills in the digital field
    • Provide the participants with all the necessary knowledge and tools that lead to increased accuracy and efficiency and ensure success in life and work.
    • Providing the community with the digital specializations that are most in demand in the labor market.
    • Providing the community with distinguished specialists with knowledge, skill and certification.
    • Being able to use digital devices and technologies in an efficient and useful manner.
    • Being able to manage digital content effectively and creatively.
    1. Urgent goals
    • The elimination of unemployment
    • Solving the most important refugee problems
    2. The eschatological goals.
    • A good deed – ongoing charity – knowledge that benefits from it – spreading the da’wah
    To turn these people into:
    • Strong and faithful believers.
    • Pious workers striving for the best work
    • Guided, Mahdis, callers to God with their knowledge and action
    3. Social goals.
    Rehabilitation and development of a number of unemployed young refugees in Turkey by providing them with knowledge, skills and certification of a number of technological disciplines that are most in demand in the labor market, and since some of them do not need actual work, it is possible to work from home.
    And through the help of
    • War-wounded, widows and orphans to work in modern digital professions that are required in the labor market from home.
    • Helping people to open their own businesses and projects.
    • Helping people gain financial freedom.
    • Graduates who lack practice and scientific experience to turn into experts who can become leaders in society.
    • Young entrepreneurs who lack the direction and skill to become successful entrepreneurs.
    • Those who cannot find work due to lack of experience.
    • Those who cannot work due to lack of experience.
    • Those who cannot work because there is no work for their specialty.
    • Holders of old certificates without work.
    • Those affected by the Corona crisis.
    • Who wants to move up the ladder of work.
    • Who wants to get a better job
    • Who wants to stand out in the competition arena
    • Who wants to move up the ladder of work?
    • Who wants to succeed in the career path
    • Who wants creativity in thinking and creating things
    • Who wants to enjoy life and benefit from everything around us
    by converting it to
    • Proficient useful workforce
    • Active people who are able to provide for themselves and their families
    • Useful productive energy effective in society