Science And Technology  Foundations And Councils

The science and technology foundation consists of centers and councils on:

Founders Council

Administrative Council

Supervisory Council

Authorized actions to Waqf science and technology

The Science and Technology Endowment is authorized to take the following measures in order to achieve its objectives based on Article 48 of the Turkish Civil Code:

a) It can own and use movable and immovable property by donation, trust, purchase and lease in order to achieve its goals, sell, transfer and transfer its property, receive and spend its income, and one or more immovables included in the assets of the endowment in investments, in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Associations. using funds or income.

b) Provided that it is not contrary to the aims and services of the science and technology foundation, it may manage and dispose of, purchase, evaluate and sell movable and immovable properties and funds obtained through donations, trusts, purchases and other means. In order for the foundation to achieve its goals, securities and values ​​and the science and technology foundation cooperate with real and legal persons and organizations that carry out activities similar to the aims of the science and technology foundation in the country and abroad. To receive assistance from public and unofficial public and private institutions and organizations, to make agreements to provide this assistance and to establish all kinds of rights on immovables such as usufruct, easement, housing, promotion and mortgage, all kinds of acceptance rights in kind, use of these rights, mortgage and Receiving all kinds of guarantees including encumbrances Acceptance of movable and immovable properties and valid bank guarantees and guarantees in order to realize the purpose and subject of the service for the contracts and contracts made or to be made, and the foundation can borrow and give guarantees, mortgage and mortgage irrigation and other science and technology foundations. guarantees to generate income and income when necessary from all kinds of projects and works carried out or to be carried out, and to generate income for the foundation by establishing economic and commercial institutions and companies and participating in affiliates. To implement all kinds of intervention, savings, purchase, construction contracts and similar contracts that are deemed useful and necessary for the foundation to be operated directly or by an operator under its management and for the realization of one or all of the purposes of the foundation, and to make an authorized and authorized decision in this regard. in this regard pursuant to Article 48 of the Turkish Civil Code.