The Goals And The Message

The Faithful Strong Believer

The Pious Worker Who Strives For The Best Work

Al-Hadi Al-Mahdi, the caller to God with his deeds and knowledge

The Message

Reconstruction Of Human

The Chaste, The Chaste, The Breadwinner For Himself And His Family

The Distinctive, Successful, Evolving And Creative Product

Ready To Keep Pace With All The Outcomes Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution, The Artificial Intelligence Revolution, And The Sixth Generation Of Communications

In order to contribute to rebuilding the humanitarian system through


National principles
Humanitarian principles
religious principles




Building a generation armed with science, skill, and morals. This is done by spreading the culture of distinguished education and targeted technical training, especially among the younger generation and women, and by supporting the education of the needy.



We elevate the human being with values and knowledge, science is the cornerstone of every renaissance, and without it, the movement of peoples would be random, with no control to regulate it, nor a correct compass that determines its movement, nor a strong foundation to rely on.


  • Organizing targeted awareness lectures that focus on building personality.
  • Organizing purposeful lectures that focus on building human and national values, and creative and creative cultural values.
  • Organizing purposeful lectures that focus on Islamic principles of faith and ethics.
  • Organizing lectures aimed at focusing on fighting corruption and promoting transparency and openness.
  • Organizing lectures aimed at focusing on preventing environmental pollution and supporting environmental protection activities.
  • Providing training courses to provide digital skills.
  • Provide programs to provide digital knowledge and skills.
  • Providing grants to support specialized technical studies.
  • Providing language training courses.
  • Opening of technical training centers.
  • Opening of private schools for outstanding students.
  • Opening of universities and technical academies.
  • Opening of health centers.
  • Providing financial support to prevent poverty.
  • Providing educational and health services for youth, women and children.
  • Supporting scientific research, art and invention.
  • Supporting the completion of scientific and technical studies.