Activities and Events

The Waqf of science and technology provides the following activities within the limits of its capabilities in order to achieve the above-mentioned goals:

• Offering free or half-free scholarships to outstanding and needy students at all levels.
• Opening primary, middle and secondary schools, training centers and their equivalents, in order to provide national and international education, opening courses in all kinds of branches of science and teaching languages, establishing universities and providing technical and vocational education.
• Planning and implementing national and international trips that lead to cultural exchange.
• Create a data bank
• Establishing partnerships with local and international institutions, organizations and companies by fulfilling the necessary legal conditions and conducting joint studies.
• Organizing special trips and camps for youth, women and children
• Implementation of national and international research projects on technological developments, and providing coordination, financial and advisory support for such projects.


• Providing social security for extremely poor families and bearing the costs of economic projects for poor families.
• Providing material and moral assistance to meet the needs of orphans of all kinds, and building homes and care homes for orphans.
• Training competencies according to the needs of the labor market and providing them with job opportunities.
• Creating facilities for the care of the elderly.
• Coordinating, financing, supporting and helping the rural community’s resources to be used in the best possible way.
• Build housing and private homes for students at all levels of education and rent homes for them when necessary.


• The Science and Technology Endowment will implement many programs and projects and carry out activities to prevent diseases and bad habits, including the following activities:
• Establishing clinics, hospitals and health centers to treat the sick and the needy, especially the poor.
• Sending medical teams to areas of natural disasters.
• Establishing medical camps and organizing temporary medical support campaigns.
• Opening psychological rehabilitation centers.
• Establishment of centers for the disabled.


• The Science and Technology Endowment works to support areas related to scientific research through many of the programs and projects described below, and it contributes to the spread of technology, science and arts for the benefit of humanity and provides all kinds of support.
• Conducting research and development activities related to the endowment’s activity fields and in various topics.
• Establishing a library, opening book fairs, and participating in exhibitions opened for this purpose.
• Opening offices for the press, publishing and translation.
• Establishing private museums, opening art courses, and opening art exhibition halls.
• Producing and broadcasting songs, films and programmes, opening television and radio channels, and publishing websites and newspapers.
• Organizing and distributing awards for scientific and technological achievements in the name of the Endowment for Science and Technology.
• Spreading harmonious living in different societies and social strata.
• Spreading a culture of respect for human rights and preparing and publishing reports on events that violate human rights.
• Work to prevent all kinds of discrimination, whether on the grounds of colour, sex, race or religion in all its forms.
• Work to develop the spirit and concept of solidarity among individuals.
• Establishing relationships with national and international organizations that work in accordance with the objectives of the Science and Technology Endowment by fulfilling legal requirements and conducting joint studies.
• Preparing reports on transparency and corruption, and preparing proposals for laws and institutional regulations that prevent corruption.


Support efforts to prevent environmental and air pollution and support all kinds of activities related to environmental protection.

Starting from the principles of charitable work, the Endowment of Science and Technology in general makes efforts to spread harmony among individuals in societies to ensure that people create an effective information society and take advantage of technological opportunities for the benefit of humanity and the protection of human rights and dignity
• Opening representative offices in Turkey and abroad in line with the objectives of the endowment of science and technology by a decision of the founders’ council (the board of directors regulates work procedures and principles of representative offices).
• The works, other transactions and activities that the endowment can carry out to achieve its goal: